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Hydraulic Edging Machine

Item No: E0100
Name: Hydraulic Edging Machine

Dimension (LxWxH): 3350×1000×2000mm
Weight: 2600kg
Motor Power: 4.5kw
Applicable Thickness: 2.5mm  (for stainless steel)
                                       4.0mm  (for mild steel)
Applicable Length: ≤2500mm
Bending Angle: 110°
Applicable Material: iron sheet, stainless steel sheet, aluminum Sheet
Seam Shape:  E0100_seam_shape

This series of edging machine uses hydraulic driving and has the characteristics of reliable performance, simple operation and easy maintenance.  It is suitable for processing of various types of sheet metal parts, ventilation pipe, metal, aluminum, tin box parts and plate parts into the desired seam shape.