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CONI UFM2 Water Dispenser

Item No: F0050
Name: CONI UFM2 Water Dispenser

Output : Warm / Hot water
Colour : Orange
Storage : Warm: 4.3±0.5L     Hot: 1.6±0.2L
Output Rate : 24L per hour
Dimension : W260×D476×H518mm
Net Weight : 14.2KG

- The only pure water dispenser in Asia obtaining the US WQA S-300 gold seal certificate
- Easy to install, can immediately drink hot/cold pure water after connecting to tap water
- Completely filter harmful substance, fallout, bacteria and chlorine
- Effectively prevent cancer and other diseases
- Remove odor and provide sweet taste of water
- International certifications from USA, Japan, etc
- High cost saving, safe, and excellent after-sales service
- Over two million current users worldwide