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Rockwool Blanket

Item No: A0030
Name: Rockwool Blanket

Bulk Density:   60-120kg/m3
Thicknes:   30mm-100mm
Standard length: 3m, 5m  
Width: 600mm, 900, 1000mm
Thermal conductivity:   ≤0.043w/mk 
Fireproof:   Anti-burning (Grade A)
Temperature resistance:   550℃
Moisture proof:   ≥95%

It can be customized based on client requirement.

It has excellent insulation properties and is easy for construction and installation of facilities. It can also significantly save energy with high performance and low cost. It is a high quality thermal insulation material with low thermal conductivity and is suitable to apply to medium and large size pipeline; small and medium tanks and the equipment with small arc surface or irregular surface for air-conditioning duct insulation and wall acoustic insulation.