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Rockwool Board

Item No: A0020
Name: Rockwool Board


Bulk Density:   60-120 kg/m3
Size (block):   1200x600mm
Thickness:   30-100mm
Thermal conductivity:   ≤0.043w/mk 
Fireproof:   Anti-burning (Grade A)
Temperature resistance:   450℃
Moisture proof:   ≥95%

Complete specification and can be customized based on client requirement.

It is widely used in thermal and acoustic insulation of flat, radius of curvature larger tank boilers, heat exchangers and other equipment and building. Commonly used temperature is 450 ℃. If the initial run of the heating temperature is controlled not to exceed the rate of 50 ℃ per hour, the temperature can reach to 500 ℃. It has high flexibility and low chlorine content and is ideal for fireproof, thermal and acoustic insulation.