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Glasswool Blanket

Item No: A0060
Name: Glasswool Blanket

Bulk Density:   12-48kg/m3
Size (Roll):   Length: 10m, 15m, 20m   Width: 1.2m
Thickness:   25mm-50mm 
Thermal conductivity:  ≤0.043w/mk
Fireproof:   Anti-burning (grade A) 
Moisture proof:    ≥98.5% 
Noise absorption:   above 0.75LRC 
Temperature resistance:   350℃   

Glasswool blanket is an economical insulating material which is light and easy to install. It has excellent performance of sound absorption and good elasticity. It is widely used for building insulation, acoustic insulation, ventilation, air conditioning insulation, acoustic insulation of broadcasting studio, anechoic chamber and noise workshop, computer room and cold storage insulation, sound absorbtion and thermal insulation of aircraft, ship, train, and automobile.